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The Hibermate Tells People You Want To Be Left Alone

The Hibermate Tells People You Want To Be Left Alone


Sleeping can sometimes be a task, especially in crowded environments. The Hibermate wants to help you, both by covering your eyes and ears and enveloping you in a quiet cocoon, and by looking so conspicuous that anyone around you will get the hint that you’d like to be left alone to sleep. The inside of the sleep mask has recessed areas for the eyes so that you can still open them, and also so that it doesn’t exert any pressure while you sleep. The silky outer satin covers make the Hibermate slip against the pillow sheets, so that the entire mask doesn’t move. The high quality, jersey-cotton inner is comfortable against the skin, warm & cozy in winter, cool and breathable in summer. So while it looks like a regular sleeping mask, the Hibermate is anything but. A $40 pledge will get you your own, with an October delivery target.

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  1. ahrmann says:

    “The Hibermate Tells People You Spend Too Much Money on Kickstarter”