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How Hot Is Your Coffee? This Mug Will Tell You

How Hot Is Your Coffee? This Mug Will Tell You

Coffee Mug Temperature

How many times have you burnt your tongue when you took a sip of coffee that was still too hot to consume? In my case, I’d say it’s one too many. I hate the sandpaper-like feeling of a burnt tongue that makes eating and drinking uncomfortable for a couple of days. Of course, you can avoid this simply by checking the beverage’s temperature before taking a sip. Or you can just get one of these temperature-sensing mugs from Brando.

Coffee Mug Temperature1

The mug has a built-in thermometer which measures the temperature of the beverage it contains. The temperature reading is displayed on the outside of the insulated container for the drinker to see. A heart also lights up in blue, yellow, or red, which will indicate whether the drink is cool, warm, or hot, respectively.

The mug retails online for $37.

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