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Barbie Gets Real: Artist Creates Barbie Doll With a ‘Realistic’ Body

Barbie Gets Real: Artist Creates Barbie Doll With a ‘Realistic’ Body

Realistic Barbie

A lot of teens these days have unrealistic perceptions of the ideal body, no thanks to the stick-thin models walking down runways and gracing magazine covers. But before media exposure, we have kids’ toys to blame. Just look at Barbie with her impossibly narrow waist and curvy hips (which, by the way, is relatively impossible to have naturally.)

Designs for Barbie with a more realistic-looking body have cropped up on the Internet every once in a while, and the latest one we have is by Nicholay Lamm. His version of Barbie is more accurate though, since he went through the trouble of going to the Center for Disease Control to get the average measurements for a 19-year-old woman in the United States.

You can check out more angles of the realistic Barbie Doll after the break.

Realistic Barbie1

Realistic Barbie2

VIA [ Geekologie ]

  • Peggy Gurney

    He needs to shave down the big round butt. The majority of girls do not have a large butt like that.

  • George Lance Waring

    Maybe they should maker her darker and call her Youngstown Barbie.

  • Peggy Gurney

    Stupid remark.

  • George Lance Waring

    Your an idiot, I’ll stop following you

  • Peggy Gurney

    lol, I’m crushed.

  • George Lance Waring

    Yeah, I know your a big shot. It’s just that I though you were a nice woman. You’re obviously are a bitter unhappy woman living off the system in your little North-side home with a retarded son. You do know don’t you that autism is a result in interbreeding. OK see ya later, btw, your website sucks.

  • Guest

    Why? There are plenty of white ladies in Youngstown too. 😉

  • Moonchalk

    I too have noticed that young people are MUCH heavier than “we” were 30-40 years ago at the same age. Crappy diets + staring at a screen all day = FAT.