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Vinylize Turns Old Records Into Hipster Eyewear

Vinylize Turns Old Records Into Hipster Eyewear


This isn’t the first time vinyl records have been recycled and used to make something awesome. From guitar picks and clocks to coasters and photo frames, it seems like others have thought of everything. Well, almost everything, because Vinylize has thought of one more thing that can be made from old records: hipster eyewear.

The concept came about from the idea of making fashionable eyewear using recycled materials. Before the records are cut, they are first bonded with cellulose acetate to frame it.

Vinylize1 Vinylize2 Vinylize3

Vinylize is based in Budapest, Hungary, and they have been making vinyl glasses for over a decade already. The sunglasses can be purchased online from their website, where each retails for about €330 (US$440).

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