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DUO Camera Splits Into Two So You Can Shoot Two Perspectives For a Single Scene

Duo Camera

Sometimes, one camera just isn’t enough. Whether you want to shoot another perspective simultaneously or have a subject that’s too big for a single frame, neither is a problem when you’ve got the DUO camera. It’s basically a binary camera concept by Chin-Wei Liao, where one camera is actually two.

It sounds confusing, but here’s how it works: the DUO camera starts out as a single shooter. It can easily be separated into two parts when you’re ready to start shooting. They have synchronized triggers, so pressing the shutter of one side will also prompt the other one to take a shot.

Liao explains his motivation behind the DUO camera concept: “Inspired by the fact that many people feel uncomfortable being photographed or do not like seeing their self-images, this project explored the meaningful impact of self-image and ways of encouraging people to enjoy taking photos.”

It’s definitely an interesting concept. I don’t think it’ll actually get made, since it’s more of a novelty, but who knows? Someone out there might just pick it up for mass production.

VIA [ Bit Rebels ]