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Handibot Is A Portable CNC Machine That Connects To Your Smart Device

Handibot Is A Portable CNC Machine That Connects To Your Smart Device

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A CNC device is very useful when you want to do complex machining of materials, but the systems involved are usually rather large and unwieldy. This means that you have to bring your materials to the CNC machine, and bring them back to the job site when the machining task is completed. The Handibot, pictured above, does the opposite. It’s small and transportable, which means you can take it with you wherever you may need it. It connects to a smartphone or a tablet, and allows you to drill, carve or cut in 3D. Think of it as a 3D printer, only in reverse: instead of adding material and building something up, a CNC machine takes material away and sculpts.

The beauty of the Handibot, aside from its size, is that it’ll work with apps. This means that software developers can easily make programs to help you create all kinds of things with it. You want to cut holes, and nothing else? You can have a simple app where you just have to enter a diameter or radius, and press “Cut”. You want to make complex 3D carvings? No problem, you can have another application with intuitive 3D CAD software to help you draw whatever it is you’re after.

It’s a wonderful device, but of course it’s got a wonderful price tag. At the moment, there’s a Kicstarter campaign where a $2,400 pledge will get you one if you’re willing to wait until the second batch, or $2,700 if you’re in a hurry. Delivery starts in September.

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