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Monthly Archives: June 2013

How Long Would It Take to 3D Print Your Dream House?

3D Print Your House

3D printing is all the rage these days. The technology has been used to print a wide range of objects, from shoes and handguns to custom splints for medical applications. What they haven’t managed to 3D print yet are houses. Don’t expect that to happen anytime soon, though, because it’ll probably take a whole new kind of plastic to actually print a house that’ll last. Aside from the material, it’s also going to take an infinitesimally long amount of time given the size and capacities of current 3D printers.

If you’re curious, real estate blog Movoto has come up with a calculator that’ll let you compute how long it’ll take to 3D print the house of your dreams. It will also provide you with a rough estimate of the cost of your 3D-printed home, along with the number of bricks your house will need. You can check out the 3D Print your House calculator online.


Skype Rolls Out Free Video Messaging Feature on All Platforms

Skype Video Messaging
Skype has unveiled a new video messaging feature that takes a page from 1986’s hit sci-fi flick 2001: A Space Odyssey. Just like David Bowman in the movie, users will now be able to send and receive video messages for free. The feature is available on all platforms, so it doesn’t matter if you’re using Skype on your laptop or on your iOS or Android mobile device.

It’s probably one feature you’ve always wanted, but never really knew you needed until Skype rolled it out. It’ll definitely come in handy when you want to leave contacts a message that you can’t really articulate properly or express fully using mere text alone.

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Tokyoflash Kisai Intoxicated Features A Breathalyzer


It used to be that Tokyoflash watches got conversations started thanks to their unusual way of telling the time. Now you can add another potentially useful feature: measuring your blood alcohol content. The Kisai Intoxicated has a port on the side which when blown upon for 5 seconds, registers the amount of libations in your breath and informs you of the results. Granted, they’re not incredibly accurate, giving results in 0.02mg/L tiers, but it should be enough to tell you whether you’re just a little buzzed or altogether drunk. We suggest not taking any chances if you’re hovering near the legal limit, since the margin of error could potentially lead you to false negatives, but as a general indicator of sobriety, it’ll do in a pinch.

Aside from that ability, the watch fits in with other timepieces from the company with an original (if not altogether difficult) timetelling design. It’s $99, and due to heightened demand, is currently on pre-order, with shipping slated for July 1st.

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Brown Sugar And Pecan Covered Bacon Bits


The bacon madness continues, with news of the Piglets Pecan and Bacon Snack, by Bacon Freaks. They’re “dry cured bacon crumbly bits, hand cooked with brown sugar and chopped pecans.” They’d be perfect to toss into your salads, sandwiches, banana splits, pancakes… everything. Heck, they sound like they’d be perfect to eat right out of the bag, all by their awesome selves. It’s $7 for a 2oz. bag, which packs a total of 400 calories. That’s less than a BigMac, by the way, so there are worse calorific offenders out there. Just sayin…

[ Product Page ] VIA [ ThatsNerdAlicious ]

Hairy Leg Stockings To Keep Creepos From Hitting On You


There isn’t a whole lot of information available on the above product, other than the picture. They are allegedly some stockings covered with what looks like bushy hairs, which are meant to be worn by girls tired of getting hit on by undesirables. They’ll also likely prevent you from getting hit on by hot guys, so we suppose you should only wear them when you’re really not in the mood.

They were spotted in China, and if anyone has any information on cost and availability, please let us know.

VIA [ Geekologie ]

Hally Hensen Jacket Features Body Temperature Regulation


There are a good number of garments that promise to keep you warm when cold, and cool you down while hot, simultaneously. However these often rely on simplistic improvements over the fabrics used in their making. The Hollow Heat Flow (H2) system from Hally Hensen is a little different.

[It] combines insulation (200g fleece in this case) with both positive and negative spaces (aka holes) and the ability to make the right kinds of adjustments to the garment to better regulate your body temperature. Put another way, heat gets trapped in air pockets in certain areas around the body and the holes in the fleece not only trap that hot air, believe it or not, but also help circulate cool air when you unzip the vents.

In other words, the jacket is very sensitive to the opening of vents which will keep you cooler when opened, and vice versa. When you’re out in the kind of weather that starts off pretty cool (requiring a jacket) and ends up warmer, you’re going to appreciate the efforts put into a jacket like this. What you’ll like a little less however, is how much you’ll have to spend for it: $180.

Hit the jump for a couple of videos that demonstrate how the system works, as well as links.

Bonus: ladybug pattern on the liner!

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Air Hockey Playing Robot Is Impossible To Beat


If you thought that all those hours spent at the arcade, perfecting your air hockey-playing skills were worth it because they’d made you unbeatable, know that it was all in vain. A soulless robot created by researchers at Chiba University’s Namiki Lab could prbably hand you your ass in a platter. The system captures your movements and that of the puck at 500fps, and anticipates your shots. This means that pretty much no matter what you do, the robot will have you beat. But this bot goes one level above simply having quicker reflexes than you. To keep you interested and playing (as opposed to giving up in frustration within a minute), it’ll make you believe you could have a chance, stringing you along for a while, learning your moves before mowing you down like last week’s lawn. This robot isn’t only fast, it’s a hustler.

[ Research Paper ] VIA [ DamnGeeky ]

Super Mario Bros. Cake Looks Too Good To Eat


With modern cake-making methods, you can do pretty much anything. We’re rather fond of DeviantArt user Cakecrumb’s design, pictured above. It’s not a random assortment of images from the game, but rather an accurate depiction of some levels.

The cake aims to be a level-accurate depiction of levels 2.1 and 2.2. I chose those levels as it allowed me the variety to depict three different ‘places’ on tiers that could be joined relative to one another.

The cake took about 5 days to finish. There was a lot more detail than I expected. Everything from the stripes on the pipes to the embossing of the stones took a lot of time. Everything is hand cut, mostly with a craft knife, and either embossed or painted (with edible ink) to add the details. It’s all fondant or marzipan, save for the coral and the waves, which are piped from royal icing.

Of course, this was a one-off and it’s not being sold anywhere. Maybe you can contact Cakecrumb and inquire how much this would cost you, since the user does take on commissioned work.

Hit the link below for a ton more pictures.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Technabob ]

HTC One Mini Screen Resolution Specs Leaked By an HTC-Owned Domain

HTC One Mini

The HTC One Mini is all but officially confirmed with the leak of these specs on the device’s screen resolution. Rumors have been ride about the yet-to-be-announced device that will be going head to head against Samsung’s Galaxy S4 mini, which will be launched in the next few months.

HTC-owned domain HTCMMS published a user agent profile on the device that contains the device’s name, HTC One Mini. The page also indicates that the device will have a 1280×720-resolution display and that it will run on Android 4.2.

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