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Thanks to MIT, Phone Cameras Can Now Be Used to Monitor People’s Heart Rates

MIT Measure Heartbeat

Have you noticed how your head moves back and forth a little when you’re sitting still? That motion is a result of your blood rushing up to your brain and throughout your body with every beat of your heart. It’s an interesting phenomenon, and it also happens to the basis of an algorithm that researchers from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab came up with.

Basically, this slight back-and-forth movement is monitored on video. The person’s skin color changes are analyzed to determine his pulse and heart rate. It is also used to identify any erratic activity, which is especially useful when diagnosing heart issues.

To test the method, a group of 18 men and women with different skin tones were evaluated. The results were found to be “nearly identical” to an electrocardiogram.

Pretty impressive, huh? This technology can be used for remote healthcare services, for monitoring patients with sensitive skin, and for monitoring patients who are at risk for cardiac attacks.

VIA [ Softpedia ]