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Offline Beer Glass Discourages People from Using Their Phones At the Pub

Beer Glass COncept

So this is a beer glass concept by creative agency Fischer and Friends, and their goal is to get you to stop using your smartphone when you’re down at the pub having drinks. It’s aptly called the “Offline Glass” and it looks just like your average beer glass, except for the groove cut out at its bottom. Turns out the little groove makes all the difference, because you can only stabilize the glass when you rest the groove on top of your smartphone.

The design was created for Bar Jorge in Brazil with the goal of eliminating people’s anti-social behavior in public places, which usually begins the moment they whip their smartphones out and start texting, Tweeting, surfing the web, playing 2Fuse, and doing whatever else they want to do on their phones while ignoring the people around them.

Aside from that, it can also help prevent drunk texting or worse, drunk dialing.

The Offline Glass has a number of major design flaws and we might never actually see it go into mass production, but hey, it’s still an interesting concept nonetheless.

VIA [ Buzz Patrol ]