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Hally Hensen Jacket Features Body Temperature Regulation

Hally Hensen Jacket Features Body Temperature Regulation


There are a good number of garments that promise to keep you warm when cold, and cool you down while hot, simultaneously. However these often rely on simplistic improvements over the fabrics used in their making. The Hollow Heat Flow (H2) system from Hally Hensen is a little different.

[It] combines insulation (200g fleece in this case) with both positive and negative spaces (aka holes) and the ability to make the right kinds of adjustments to the garment to better regulate your body temperature. Put another way, heat gets trapped in air pockets in certain areas around the body and the holes in the fleece not only trap that hot air, believe it or not, but also help circulate cool air when you unzip the vents.

In other words, the jacket is very sensitive to the opening of vents which will keep you cooler when opened, and vice versa. When you’re out in the kind of weather that starts off pretty cool (requiring a jacket) and ends up warmer, you’re going to appreciate the efforts put into a jacket like this. What you’ll like a little less however, is how much you’ll have to spend for it: $180.

Hit the jump for a couple of videos that demonstrate how the system works, as well as links.

Bonus: ladybug pattern on the liner!


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