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Latest Food Oddity: Watermelon Oreos

Latest Food Oddity: Watermelon Oreos


Hot on the heels of other odd, limited edition Oreo flavors like Candy Corn, Gingerbread and Birthday Cake, Nabisco is releasing Watermelon Oreos this summer. And unlike some other similarly bizarre concoctions from the company, these cookies are described as not being overly sweet and sickly:

The problem with so many of these wild Oreo flavors is that they’re sickly sweet, to the point where the cream tastes like honey. Not regular honey, mind you. Not like, Stop & Shop honey hiding in a plastic bear. I’m talking about the honey you’d find at a maw-and-paw general store in the middle of nowhere. […] Not these, though. These have a bite, but it’s much more subtle. If I can call 75 calories’ worth of pure fat “light,” each of these cookies is light.

The best part about this piece of news is that the product is already available on store shelves, such as Target where they’re reportedly available for $3 a pack.


VIA [ FoodBeast ]