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Air Hockey Playing Robot Is Impossible To Beat

Air Hockey Playing Robot Is Impossible To Beat


If you thought that all those hours spent at the arcade, perfecting your air hockey-playing skills were worth it because they’d made you unbeatable, know that it was all in vain. A soulless robot created by researchers at Chiba University’s Namiki Lab could prbably hand you your ass in a platter. The system captures your movements and that of the puck at 500fps, and anticipates your shots. This means that pretty much no matter what you do, the robot will have you beat. But this bot goes one level above simply having quicker reflexes than you. To keep you interested and playing (as opposed to giving up in frustration within a minute), it’ll make you believe you could have a chance, stringing you along for a while, learning your moves before mowing you down like last week’s lawn. This robot isn’t only fast, it’s a hustler.

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