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Trunk Dividers Stop Stuff From Sloshing Around In Your Trunk

Trunk Dividers Stop Stuff From Sloshing Around In Your Trunk


Some of us drive around with trunks that aren’t full to the brim with useless crap, so when we go to the store to buy a gallon of milk (because someone forgot to mention we were out before the groceries were done) and put it in there, it tends to roll around for the entire drive home. It’s a first world problem, clearly, but for $13 you can fix it if it bothers you that much. The Stayhold dividers stick to the carpet that lines most car trunks, and can be placed any way you like. Create compartments where you can put only a few items, or remove them altogether when it’s time to fit the large suitcase and mozy on over to the airport for that vacation you’ve been dreaming of all year.

trunk dividers

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  • artdog

    They seem to be being very careful not to show the bottom of the product. I’m quite interested to know how it is held to the carpet.

  • jaczor

    Velcro, you can see it on the video in the product page, it has two strips on the bottom. The carpet is going to look like shit after a few months of use.