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Drone Waiter Serves UK Diners–Is A Tip Still Required?

Drone Waiter Serves UK Diners–Is A Tip Still Required?

Drone Waiter

Do the usual rules of tipping etiquette still apply when you’ve got a drone for a waiter? UK-based Yo Sushi has begun using iPad-controlled quadcopters to deliver meals to diners at the restaurant. The drone waiter, which is aptly called the iTray, is equipped with two high-definition cameras so that the cooking staff can see the reactions of the customers when their food arrives.

You can check out a video of the iTray in action after the break.

The video doesn’t show an actual waiter or customer removing the tray of food from the drone, so we assume that the quadcopter’s rotor blades make doing that a bit difficult. They can just land the quadcopter on the table, but even that will require a certain area of clearance before it can be done successfully without hitting any of the diners in the process.

Nonetheless, it’s still a fun way to serve food and perhaps attract more customers to the restaurant.

VIA [ Dvice ]

  • brent

    perhaps a baseball bat will send a signal …no service no tip….this is a delivery not a serve…what if my dinner guest was to stand up when the tray arrived and cut her on the cheek…..thats why the bat

  • Patrick Stevens

    Kinda lame. Also noted no rotor protection. Lawsuit in the making.