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So… This Is A Thing: Fluffed Up Show Cattle

So… This Is A Thing: Fluffed Up Show Cattle


We know a bunch of you are going to scream at us for not knowing this exists. But it’s the first time we see show cattle like this, and we’re… in stitches. These cows aren’t born this way, obviously. They’re the result of the careful crossing of two high-quality breeds, as well as a careful blowdrying and generous hairspray application. Lautner Farms, who sell and raise them, gives us more details on the process

“an ergonomically shaped squeegee to remove excess water after washing, a powered “Roto Fluffer” to remove guard hairs, high velocity blowers for drying, chutes especially designed to hold the cattle during grooming, huge turbo fans to keep a constant flow of air moving through the animals hair and more clipper and blade combinations than you can count.” Bruguiere also indicated that groomers use a lot of product to get the cattle looking spiffy listing “shampoos, conditioners, adhesives including a special one just for the tail, mousse, oil, dyes, paints in six different shades, hair builder, hair polish, sun screen, and removal products to get all this stuff off the hair.”

Some of these cows sell for six figures, so we’re thinking that we’re in the wrong line of work.





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One response to “So… This Is A Thing: Fluffed Up Show Cattle”

  1. RH says:

    Some people in this part of the country, take their farm animals, about as serious as someone in Hollywood, would care for their stable of automobiles 😉