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Climate-Controlled Box of Bacon: The World’s Most Tasty Gift

Climate-Controlled Box of Bacon: The World’s Most Tasty Gift

Climate Controlled Bacon

No meat has ever garnered the same massive fandom that bacon has. It’s meaty, it’s smoky, it’s tasty, and you could cook it so that it’s chewy, crunchy, or somewhere in between. You could grill it with meat to make the tastiest steaks ever, or throw a couple of strips into your burger to make it infinitely better.

Father’s day is fast approaching, so if you’re stumped on what gift to get your dad, then here’s an idea for you: how about climate-controlled boxes filled with tasty strips of bacon by Oscar Meyer?

Climate Controlled Bacon1

It might not be the most tasteful of gifts, but it’s definitely one of the tastiest. You won’t be presenting plain packs or boxes of bacon from the grocery to your intended recipient either, because Oscar Meyer has packaged their bacon into collectible boxes and sets that have a touch of class and loads of bacon.

Choose from the Commander (comes with a money-clip), Matador (comes with a pair of cufflinks), and Woodsman (comes with a multi-tool)–whatever your dad’s like, you’ll find one that’ll match his personally. They’re available for purchase online from Say It With Bacon and range in price from $22 to $28.

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