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McDonald’s Japan To Serve 3/4 Pound “Mega Potato” Portion Of Fries


In completely non-tech news, we’re hearing that all McDonald’s in Japan are gearing up to start selling the largest single portion of their iconic fries, and are calling it “Mega Potato”. In the process, it becomes the item on the menu with the most calories the chain has ever sold. Weighing 350g, or roughly three quarters of a pound, the comically wide container of fries packs a whopping 1,152 calories. Making up that half-day portion of calories is 60.9g of fat, 135.3g of carbs and (get this) 1,600mg of sodium. It’s the equivalent of two large portion of fries, and while the promotional material is clearly suggesting this is an item that’s meant to be shared we all know that if it was offered stateside, it’d be a one-man portion at best.

It’s being offered for a limited time, and for 490 yen or just under $5. So if you’re in Japan and are hankering for a man-size portion of fries, you won’t have to pay through the nose.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Geekosystem ]

  • Jim Gray

    Coming soon: Mega Potato vs. Fryzilla.