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Scentee Phone Attachment Lets You ‘Smell’ Messages and Emails on Your iPhone


Manufacturers are working behind the clock to come up with a system that’ll make Smell-o-Vision a reality. This way, people will be able to experience more of what they’re watching by stimulating another sense as they watch the tube. Touch might seem far-off at this point, but smell certainly doesn’t.

Aside from possibly being integrated to televisions soon, a Japanese firm wants to change how you read your email and text messages by letting you “smell” them.

They’ve created an attachment for your iPhone called the Scentee. It works by associating message content with a smell, and delivering that scent to the intended recipient. For example, if you know that your friend is feeling down, then you can send him or her a “soothing” or “calming” smell.

Android users need not worry, because a version for the OS is definitely planned for development in the future.

VIA [ Dvice ]

  • Pace

    I’m totally going to text a fart to a friend.