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There’s A Portable Ironing Gadget For Last Second Crease-Making


You’re about to go in for that interview and notice the crease on your pants isn’t razor sharp? Or that snazzy tie of yours could be just a bit flatter? How about the lapel on your suit? God is in the details, and to make sure you put your best wrinkle-free foot forward, the Palm-sized Portable Ironing Gadget was created. It’s battery-powered and USB-charged, and comes with a clip attachment that pinches the pant crease for easier ironing. Anything on your person that folds and can use a little sharpening, this thing can take care of it. It measures 100mmx60mmx18mm (3.9in. X 2.3in. X 0.71in.) and weighs just 60 grams (2.1oz.).

It’s $10.


[ Product Page ] VIA [ DamnGeeky ]

  • Дмитрий Карнаухов

    From Russia with love, 1963.