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Captioned Telephone Lets You Read What the Other Party is Saying During the Call

Captionec Telephone

Do you have difficulty understanding what people are saying over the phone? You could blame your phone, but keep in mind that it could also be your deteriorating hearing. This could lead to a lot of frustration on both ends of the line, which is why the Captioned Telephone is such a godsend.

It’s a phone that displays what the other party on the line is saying so you can read and listen to it at the same time. That way, you can prevent misunderstandings, keep losses to a minimum, and avoid making mistakes that could cause a lot of hassles down the road. The phone uses the US Captioned Telephone Service, which is provided free of charge by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Keep in mind that you’ll need an Internet connection and a conventional phone service in order to access the system. The Captioned Phone is available online for $99.95, and a maximum of only two phones can be ordered per household.

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  • Data1001

    If it’s as good as YouTube automatic closed captioning (or even Google’s voice recognition), it should be good for a lot of laughs and even more miscommunication.