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Mario Bros. Industrial Pipe Lamp: The Awesomest Lamp to Light Up Your Room

Mario Bros. Theme Industrial Pipe Lamp

Mario’s one of those video game characters who I think is truly deserving of the ‘Super’ title. He climbs down tunnels, chucks fireballs, and takes to the sky (provided he’s got the raccoon suit on), all in his quest to save the princess.

Now you can have a functional memento of Mario in action thanks to TRoweDesigns. They specialize in Steampunk, industrial-type lamps like this one inspired by the Mario Bros. franchise. It’s got a single light held up by a black iron pipe that’s encased in a vintage glass insulator to light up your room.

Probably the awesomest part about the lamp is how you’re supposed to switch it on. There are no buttons to press or switches to flick, because all you have to do is pull the chain where Mario’s hanging from and, voila! You’ve got light!

Mario Bros. Theme Industrial Pipe Lamp1

If Mario’s not your guy, you can choose to have your lamp feature Luigi, Toad, or Yoshi.

The Mario Bros. lamp is priced at $189.35 and is available for purchase online.

VIA [ Gadget Review ]