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Kooky Robots Let You Know If You Have Bad Breath or Stinky Feet

Sniffing Robots

Got bad breath and feet that can stink up an entire room? Then these robots will let you know. Developed by CrazyLabo and the Kitakyushu National College of Technology in Japan, the Kaori-chan and Shuntaro-kun robots will smell your breath and sniff your feet before letting you know just how much you’re stinking up the place. Kaori-chan will tell you what it thinks about your breath straight to your face, while Shuntaro-kun beats around the bush a little and shows you instead by either cozying up to you or losing consciousness.

When a person breathes into her face, Kaori-chan the humanoid will analyze and quantify the components in their breath and rate it on a scale of one to four. Meanwhile, Shuntaro-kun will sniff the subject’s feet and rate its stench on a similar scale. Both make use of commercially-available odor sensors that monitor and assess the odorous components that are present.

VIA [ Geekologie ]