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Brewclip Is A Slim Wallet With A Beer Bottle Opener

Brewclip Is A Slim Wallet With A Beer Bottle Opener


Slim wallets are in, as we’ve mentioned on the website multiple times. Manufacturers know this, so they’re always coming up with some variation of design to try and entice shoppers. Today’s flavour is called the Brewclip. It holds up to 5 credit cards, has a money clip on one side, and is made from a laser-cut stainless steel core and either a 3D printed plastic or a wood grain outer layer. Better yet, it includes a slide-out bottle opener, which any self-respecting college student will realize can come in handy in almost any situation.

The Kickstarter campaign is fully funded and as a matter of fact is almost completely sold out. As of this writing there are a few left at the $59 and $79 price points, which give you a late batch Brew Blip and a regular/wood grain pair of BrewClips, respectively.

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