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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Rumor Mill: HTC Working on a 5.9-inch Phablet Version of the One

HTC One Phablet

The One was a fresh entry into the already saturated smartphone market and it might just be the phone to pull HTC out of its slump, with many reviewers hailing it as leagues better than Samsung’s Galaxy S4. Now word on the street is that HTC is working on a larger, 5.9-inch version of the phone that will give the Galaxy Note2 a run for its money.

If the rumors are proven correct, then we should see the phablet version of the One released sometime this fall.

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Sony Xperia Z Coming Soon to the USA

Sony Xperia ZImage via Engadget.

The long wait for the Xperia Z is almost over. Sony CEO Kaz Hirai delivered some good news at the D11 conference when he announced that Sony’s flagship smartphone, the Xperia Z, will be arriving at US carriers shortly. With him was Phil Molyneux, who added that further details on the announcement will be provided in the “coming weeks.” Neither named any specific carriers nor did they expound on the actual date on the phone’s release, but at least we’ve got confirmation that it’s going to be sometime soon.

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LEGO-lized Awesomenses: Voldemort Hunts for the Elder Wand–and Finds Gandalf Instead

Who is the most powerful wizard in the universe?

Voldemort killed the greatest wizards in London when he was at the height of his power. He came back with the help of his Death Eaters though, and embarked on a search for the Elder Wand to get rid of Harry Potter once and for all. It is at this moment where this LEGO-lized clip comes into play. Voldemort begins his search at Ollivander’s wand shop which is pretty sensible, since he’s looking for the Elder Wand, after all.

But just as he breaks out his wand to interrogate the wandmaker further, who else should walk in but Gandalf. It’s all fun and games at this point. Watch the clip above to see for yourself!

VIA [ Geeks are Sexy ]

August Smart Lock Takes Home Security to the Next Level…Socially

August Smart Lock

Smart security systems are nothing new, but August takes things to a whole new level by making it social with the August Smart Lock. The product of the work of designer Yves Béhar and technology entrepreneur Jason Johnson, the lock functions like most other smart locks in the market which unlock when the virtual or digital key is detected nearby.

Its defining function is perhaps its social features which makes it easy for the homeowner to provide access to family, friends, and guests when they come over to visit. The lock can be easily retrofitted to fit existing deadbolts, so there’s definitely no problem on that end. In fact, its makers explain that it should just be a quick two-screw job for about 90% of US-made deadbolts.

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Kokeshi Brand Matches Have Tiny Faces on Them

Kokeshi Matches

Matches are probably the last thing I’d describe as “adorable.” But well, here we are, with the most adorable matches that were ever made. Kokeshi brand matches are matches with a face and with a huge personality. They’re available in a variety of colors, each sporting different expressions and even different species.

From kitten paw prints to mustached men and yellow chicks, it seems like Kokeshi has made them all.

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Special Ring Reminds You Of Your Wedding Anniversary… By Almost Burning You


Spending the night in the doghouse because you forgot your wedding anniversary is arguably worse than the method this ring uses to remind you of the date, but we’re still a little perplexed at the company’s decision. See, the Remember Ring is a special wedding band with included circuitry that is set to activate 24 hours before your special day, and once it does… it gets hot! No joke. The ring will heat up to 120º F for approximately 10 seconds, and do so again every hour, on the hour, all day long. That temperature isn’t hot enough to actually burn, but it is uncomfortable enough for you not to ignore it. The date is programmed into the ring when you order it, and the battery required for your burning session is acquired through a “micro thermopile” which uses your body’s heat to recharge.

Perhaps the necessity for miniaturization prevented using other signalling methods, but how hard would it have been to include some miniature vibrating mechanism? Anyway, if you think you’re forgetful enough to want something like this, it’s going to cost you $760. It’s 14k white or yellow gold, sizes 10-13.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ IncredibleThings ]

Microsoft Takes Some Long Overdue Jabs At Apple In Ad

Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 10.24.19 PM

This ad has been floating around for about a week, but in case you haven’t seen it, you should. It’s a fun, lighthearted attempt by Microsoft to point out the iPad’s shortcomings. And it’s right on point. It’s reminiscent of Apple’s award-winning “I’m a Mac” ads in accuracy, yet different in its delivery. We’re not completely sold on a Surface yet, but that’s mostly because we haven’t gotten past seeing tablets as much more than entertainment consumption devices, rather than productivity machines. But maybe it’s time that changed, and the below ad sure has us thinking.

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McDonald’s Japan To Serve 3/4 Pound “Mega Potato” Portion Of Fries


In completely non-tech news, we’re hearing that all McDonald’s in Japan are gearing up to start selling the largest single portion of their iconic fries, and are calling it “Mega Potato”. In the process, it becomes the item on the menu with the most calories the chain has ever sold. Weighing 350g, or roughly three quarters of a pound, the comically wide container of fries packs a whopping 1,152 calories. Making up that half-day portion of calories is 60.9g of fat, 135.3g of carbs and (get this) 1,600mg of sodium. It’s the equivalent of two large portion of fries, and while the promotional material is clearly suggesting this is an item that’s meant to be shared we all know that if it was offered stateside, it’d be a one-man portion at best.

It’s being offered for a limited time, and for 490 yen or just under $5. So if you’re in Japan and are hankering for a man-size portion of fries, you won’t have to pay through the nose.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Geekosystem ]

Simple Design Element Gets Rid Of Coffee Drip Marks


It’s the simple things, right? Like the above mug, called the Drop Rest, which features a small groove around its body that catches coffee as it inevitably makes its way down the side and onto your nice coffee table, sure to make yet another coffee ring. As long as you’re not dropping half the contents over the side, it should do a decent job a catching it all. Of course, what you’re really doing is trading a relatively easy chore (wiping a table) with a potentially harder one (getting coffee out from that recess). That might be the reason the Drop Rest isn’t available for purchase. But with a good number of you now in possession of a 3D printer, this could make a fun weekend project, no?

[ YankoDesign ] VIA [ Gizmodo ]