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Monthly Archives: April 2013

RC Car With Raspberry Pi As Brain Can Be Controlled From Anywhere In The World


RC cars are fun to play with, but they’re usually limited by the range of the controller’s antenna. The small size of the Raspberry Pi make it an ideal component with which to play around and try to extend that range from a few hundred feet to anywhere on the planet. On IBM’s WebSphere Application Server development community site, some engineers have posted a home-made RC car with the Pi in charge of steering, and accelerating, all done through WiFi. The setup is fully self-contained, with the battery powering the diminutive computer as well as the car itself. As long as the Pi is receiving a strong Wi-Fi signal from somewhere and you know how to configure port forwarding, you can drive this thing from anywhere on the planet. Heck, you could possibly even drive it from the International Space Station.

This is, of course, just a project and not a commercial application. But knowing it can be done is a good first step towards an era of universally controllable toy cars, which in our opinion would totally rock.

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HoodiePillow Even Has Room For Your iDevice


The HoodiePillow has been around for almost a year, but being the slowpokes that we sometimes are, we are reporting on it now. It’s a cool fusion of a hoodie, with, well, a pillow. You can use it to warm up your noggin while sleeping, reading or any other activity where you might use a pillow and risk getting cold. There’s even a pocket next to the hoodie where you can stuff your iPhone and holes through which you thread your earphones for easy listening.

It’s $20.

hoodie pillow

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Even Non-Gamers Would Approve: Video Game Pixelated Sweatshirts

Video Game Sweatshirts

Whoever said that gamers have poor taste when it comes to fashion obviously haven’t seen Drew Wise’s video game-inspired collection of sweatshirts. They’re colorful, they’re snug, and they’re comfortable, which is basically everything a sweatshirt should be. They’re available in designs that borrow themes from video game franchises and consoles, from the Game Boy handheld console to Pokemon.

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What Not To Do: Cheating On Your Exams With An Aquafina Bottle Label

Screen Shot 2013-04-25 at 10.46.09 PM

A good portion of OhGizmo’s readership is currently entering or in the midst of exam season. So, kids, here’s how to throw away your tuition money: by cheating. Because everyone knows that college is not at all about learning, but all about passing exams, we’ve come across a website that helps you get away with it in a most ingenious fashion. Just replace the text in the Aquafina bottle label you see above with things that’ll help you pass, print it out, and stick it on your bottle. How the invigilators won’t notice that your label is paper instead of plastic, we don’t know. And just how you’ll be able to keep your head up at graduation, knowing that diploma isn’t even worth the paper it’s printed on, we don’t know either. But the ingenuity of it intrigued us.

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Deck Yourself Out For BBQ Season With These Grillin Villain Aprons


In the typically colder climates, we’re reaching the time of year where patios are being cleaned and prepped, decks are being washed and the grilling machines are being brought out from the shed. If you’re going to stand in front of the BBQ flame, you’re going to want to wear an apron. Why not take the opportunity to make it a remarkable one? The Grillin Villain Aprons feature Boba Fett, Stormtrooper, Batman characters, & more. With prices ranging from $40 to $160, they’re not exactly cheap, but they’ll sure get your guests talking at your next party.

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Making Stuffed Burger Patties Just Got A Whole Lot Easier


A burger is a burger until it gets stuffed with some surprise or other: then it’s a ‘Better Burger’. We’re thinking cheese, bacon, cheesy bacon, or bacony cheese. Whatever your flavor of cheesy bacon stuffing, the Sur La Table® Stuff-A-Burger™ Press will help you form your patties with much less effort that if you were to go about it with your bare hands. It features special presses that help create a space for your stuffings, and make it a breeze to encapsulate them. “It offers two stuffed-burger sizes: a mammoth ¾-pound burger or, using the insert, a substantial ½ pounder.” And that could just be the best $13 you’ve spent for the upcoming BBQ season.

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.45 Colt Nickel Bullet Cuff Links

Screen Shot 2013-04-25 at 11.09.25 PM

Some might say that to adorn yourself with gun related accessories these days could be in bad taste. But others would argue that it’s quite the opposite when you can look at a core aspect of American culture, neuter it in some way and wear it proudly; bullets that are keeping your shirt sleeves together aren’t hurting anyone, after all. And the .45 Colt Nickel Bullet Cuff Links certainly stand out next to your almost never ending supply of shiny, bling-y, somewhat gaudy cufflinks you see all over the place. Better yet, at $23, they’ll make you stand out in a subtle, understated way while hurting your wallet not at all.

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Life-Sized Iron Man Figure Will Set You Back $8,500


How tall is Tony Stark in his Iron Man suit? No idea, but I do know how tall a life-sized figure of his suit is: over 7 feet. Okay, so that’s more of an approximation, but still. This reproduction of the Iron Man Mark 42 suit that you’ll see on Iron Man 3 should stand tall and proud wherever you decide to put it and it should, because it’ll cost you $8,500.

The massive life-size Iron Man figure by Sideshow Collectibles is painted with high-gloss automotive paint to give it that distinctive shine. That’s not the only thing that’ll shine, because the figure has LED light-up eyes installed as well. It will also come complete with arc reactor palms and a display base.

You have to be more than sure if you want to get one, because you’ll have to pay a non-refundable deposit of $1,700 upfront when ordering.

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‘My Knitted Boyfriend’ Bodysuit Turns Any Guy Into Your Knitted Boyfriend

My Knitted Boyfriend2

I’ve seen my fair share of kooky bodysuits, but this one is just ridiculous. Ridiculously funny, that is. It’s called ‘My Knitted Boyfriend’ and it was created lovingly by Noortje de Keijzer. It’s not the only one of its kind, as Noortje has said that she has already knitted two of these ‘so far’. You can probably expect more knitty men to come your way when she finds the time to knit them.

It’s only proper that they get names, since they’re knitted boyfriends and all. Knitted on September 14th, 2011, Arthur has white skin, dark brown hair, and black knickers. Knitted two weeks later was Steve, who has dark brown skin, black hair, and beige knickers.

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