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It’s About Time: Holder for French Fries That Fits Your Car’s Cup Holder

Fries Cup Holder

One rule prevails when it comes to French fries: Eat it while it’s hot. It gets soggy fairly quickly, especially if you keep it inside the take-out bag. Unfortunately, you can’t eat while driving, because you’d have to hold the fries in one hand and drive with the other–and that’s just a very unsafe thing to do.

Providing a solution for that is the Potato Holder. It doesn’t exactly hold potatoes, but it will hold your box of French fries so you can have a bite while you’re driving or at least keep them crisp until you reach home. The contraption fits right into your cup holder, so there’s no need to install or attach anything to you car.

The Potato Holder is available at McDonald’s in Japan. I say they should release it in McDonald’s all over the world because people outside of Japan love their fries, too.

VIA [ Incredible Things ]

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