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Edible Eco-Spoon Lets You Help Mother Nature Out, One Bite At a Time

Edible Spoon

Whether you’re eating breakfast on the go because you woke up late or are having takeout for lunch, the common factor between both (and with most other meals that you eat outside a proper dining area) is plastic utensils. They might not seem like much since they’re relatively small and all, but a little goes a long way. And since it takes more than twenty years to fully decompose, I’d say we’ve got more than enough of these spoons currently sitting in our landfills.

So Triangle Tree came up with a solution in the form of edible spoons called the Eco-Spoon.

Edible Spoon1

The Eco-Spoon is basically a spoon-shaped chip made from corn and other all-organic ingredients, to it’s 100% biodegradable and 100% edible. It comes in two varieties: plain, if you don’t want it to affect the taste of your grub; and sweet and spicy, if you want to complement your food with some sweet and spicy flavors.

VIA [ Food Beast ]