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Lottery Ticket Sculptures Prove that Even Losers Can Be Artsy Winners

Life isn’t about winning all the time. Sure, it feels great to be ahead or be proclaimed as the best at doing something. But if you think about it, most of the learning, fun, and adventure happens somewhere in between the beginning and the end. So if you end up losing, know that you’re walking away from whatever it is you attempted with a story to tell your future grandkids.

What greater story to tell and creations to show than sculptures made from losing lottery tickets? You might not have won the thousands you dreamed of winning when you scratched the coating off the cards. You probably didn’t even win a measly consolation prize. The biggest consolation you get at the end, though, was that you thought of a totally cool and creative way to put all those losing scratch cards to use. Now that’s winning while losing.

VIA [ Obvious Winner ]


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