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LMAO: Dude Buys Toy Poodles, Gets Ferrets on Steroids Instead

LMAO: Dude Buys Toy Poodles, Gets Ferrets on Steroids Instead

Dog Ferrets

How can someone mistake a ferret for a toy poodle? When the latter has had its hair fluffed up with hair products and its system pumped with steroids, that’s what. It sounds ridiculous, but apparently, it’s actually happening in Brazil. A man was recently duped when he bought what he thought were two toy poodles for $150. A toy poodle normally costs $1000, so he probably thought he was getting a bargain…until he dropped by his vet and was told that his dogs were actually poodles instead.

Because since more traditional toy poodles (of the canine variety) can go for upwards of $1,000, one merchant at Argentina’s largest bazaar got the brilliant, nightmare-inducing idea to pump a few of what Argentinians refer to as “Brazilian rats” (otherwise known as ferrets) full of ‘roids and hair product, pass them off as warped, perhaps inbred poodles, and turn a handsome profit in the process.

When it’s too good to be true, it usually is. But I’m sure you already knew that.

P.S. Instead of buying pure-bred or toy dogs from a breeder or pet store, why not adopt an equally lovable pooch from your local shelter instead?

VIA [ Geekologie ]