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Way Better for Your Cholesterol: Super-Realistic Bacon-Shaped Cookies

Way Better for Your Cholesterol: Super-Realistic Bacon-Shaped Cookies

Bacon Cookies

How do you like your bacon? I like mine caramelized with sugar so it’s sweet, smoky, and chewy–just how I like it! The thing is, it’s not the healthiest breakfast food around and if you’re watching your health, then you need to cut down on your bacon consumption. Like they say, sometimes it’s mind over matter and you can cheat a little by having your bacon and still being able to eat it too.

The catch is that it’s not actual bacon anymore. In this case, you’ve got bacon cookies instead.

These awesome realistic-looking bacon-shaped and colored cookies were baked by Jennifer from Not Your Momma’s CookieWhat makes her cookies different from other bacon biscuits is that it’s got that actual distinct bacon wave. As Jennifer puts it, “Bacon isn’t bacon without that wavy shape.” She got the shape down pat all right, but what about the color? For that, she used food coloring and some sugar “pepper” to achieve that just-cooked bacon look.

You can check out the recipe here.

VIA [ Food Beast ]


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