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ChargeBite Dongle Invites You To Share Battery Power Among iPhones


Running out of battery from the nonstop texting, but don’t feel like being tethered to a wall plug? Just borrow some juice from your friend’s iPhone or iPad. The ChargeBite keychain dongle works with any 30-pin iDevice and allows you to transfer electrons from one juiced up smartphone to a nearly dead one. Plug up to three devices at once and the charging begins automatically, presumably until an equilibrium is reached among them. There’s no setup, no pre-charging, no fuss involved. The ChargeBite is small enough to be easily carried in your pocket and will be very useful to the urban dweller who just can’t keep it in his pants (the iPhone, guys…). It’s currently on pre-order on IndieGogo for $25.

[ Project Page ]

  • Jignesh Padhiyar

    Wow. This is pretty interesting – drawing power from one iPhone to another. Now to look for that self-sacrificing friend who’ll offer the juice 😉

  • Joshua Logan

    i do see this being a hit, specially at parties. Where some people might need in emergency, when their iPhones are out of battery and their friends can help