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Tiny USB Humidifier Uses Whatever Liquid It Floats On

Tiny USB Humidifier Uses Whatever Liquid It Floats On


Sometimes you’re working in an office so dry, you throat feels like parchment. If management refuses to do anything about it, why not take it into your own hands and bring a humidifier to work. Most of these are large-ish devices, but the USB Doughnut Humidifier isn’t. It’s shaped like Homer Simpson’s favorite snack, is much smaller than a standard donut, and is powered through USB. But the real innovation is in that it requires to separate water tank, instead using whatever liquid you decide to place it on. Glass of water on your desk? Check. Bowl of water that you keep for the resident cat? Check.

It comes in three colors, has a timer feature and costs all of $16. Hit the jump for a few more pictures of the device, plus links.






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