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News Of Blackberry’s Death May Have Been Exagerated Exaggerated: Handset Maker Sells 1 Million Units To Unnamed Client


It’s still too soon to say whether Blackberry 10 will be enough to save the Canadian smartphone maker from death, but if the latest news to come out of that camp is any indication, there are some decent signs of traction out there. According to a report by AllThingsD, Blackberry recently closed the largest transaction in its history with the sale of 1,000,000 BB10 devices to an as-yet-unnamed entity. All the company is revealing about this buyer is that they’re “an established partner”, obscuring any other details due to confidentiality concerns. Could it be a government? A military institution? Any guess is pure speculation, but the fact that such a large order went through in the first place is a huge and much needed vote of confidence for the boys in Waterloo.

[ AllThingsD ] VIA [ Gizmodo ]

  • Антон Марков

    Exagerated or Exaggerated? 😉

    This news has need of confirmation!

  • @@@@@@@ WEBSUMM.IT @@@@@@@

    the product is good but the market share is falling

  • thatplaybookguy

    AT&T bought em.

  • J Johnstone

    This phone will sell millions and as the word gets out more of them will be at the expense of Apple or Android – this is the first huge sale of many – welcome back Blackberry

  • Shane Stinson

    Confirmation coming next week…then three months later, then three months later, then three months later…it’s a trend thing.