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Breathometer Integrates With Smartphone: Why?

Breathometer Integrates With Smartphone: Why?


We think that carrying around a breathalyzer is a great idea. You go to a bar, have just a couple drinks and are ready to go home, but you want to make sure you’re legally allowed to drive? Bust it out, and test! The Breathometer is one such device, although unlike the myriad of cheap Chinese versions out there, this one integrates with a smartphone. Plug it into the audio jack on your phone, launch the app, and blow. Now the thing is, we’re not sure why the smartphone is necessary for this. If all it does is use the handset to display the figure… what’s the point? You can get the same functionality from a cheap old LCD! Granted, the Breathometer is small and fits in your pocket easily. But so are many other equally breathalyzers out there! What’s more, it likely uses a semiconductor-based sensor, which is much less accurate than the professional-grade fuel-cell sensors. Why do we think it’s a semiconductor sensor? The $20 price tag, for one.

So we’re not sure where to stand on this product. On the one hand, there’s nothing wrong with it (aside from potentially questionable accuracy, a problem shared by all non-professional grade breathalyzers): it’s inexpensive, small and, gee-whiz, it works with your smartphone! On the other hand, why is that an advantage? Maybe there’s some finer point we’re missing here. Whatever the case, feel free to head over to the IndieGogo campaign to make a pledge if you want one for yourself.

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