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NanoBlimp Is Allegedly World’s Smallest RC Blimp

NanoBlimp Is Allegedly World’s Smallest RC Blimp


This looks like a fun toy. The Nanoblimp is a remote controlled blimp that uses regular party balloons filled with Helium, and to which you attach a set of propellers. There’s three of these, which used in combination allow for upwards/downwards, forwards/backwards and rotation movements. That should be enough to get you anywhere, even if you can’t move sideways. What blimp moves sideways anyway? There’s a set of ballasts that you also attach to the balloon to achieve neutral buoyancy and the remote control frequencies allow for up to 4 such airships in one room. That means battles and mayhem, which is the best way to spend a Friday afternoon in the office.

It’s $50 for one, which includes ten balloons, the propellers, ballast and remote control. The Helium, you have to find yourself.

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