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Woman Discovers Her Fiance’s Cheating Ways…On Russian Google Maps

Google Maps Breakup

Discovering that your significant other is messing around with someone else behind your back sucks. The silver lining is that at least you found out about it now rather than later. In Marina Voinova’s case, it was her fiance (now ex-fiance) who did some canoodling with some unknown, random chick. What makes her case different is that she didn’t find out by snooping around or walking in on them or something.

Instead, she found out on the Russian version of Google Maps called Yandex Maps.

Apparently, Marina was looking up an address on Yandex when she checked out the street view version. What she saw changed everything. Marina says: “When Sasha came home, I immediately called him to computer and asked him to find that address in the map. When the image loaded, Sasha’s face changed in color. I looked in his eyes, waiting for explanations.”

Her fiance confessed, she broke it off, and that’s how Street View exposed yet another cheater.

VIA [ Geekologie ]