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For Wannabe Felines: Robotic Tail Wags or Swings, Depending on Your Mood

Fox Tail

Animals can’t talk, but they have other ways to express themselves. For example, when a dog is excited, he wags his tail. When he’s waiting for you to do something (like walk him), he’ll sit patiently and swing his tail back and forth while looking at you. At least, that’s what my Shih Tzu does when he’s asking for a walk.

Humans don’t have tails because we can communicate perfectly without them, and besides, we don’t really need them. You can buy them and wear them, but you can’t control them… Until now, that is.

Shota Ishiwatari invented the Tailly, which is a tail that ‘wags when you get excited.’ It has a sensor that keeps track of your heart rate. The faster your heart beats, the more vigorously the tail will move, and vice versa.

The Tailly was up for funding on Indiegogo, with the campaigning concluding just a few hours earlier. Unfortunately, it didn’t meet its funding goal of $50,000 so everyone out there who wants an interactive tail might have to wait a while longer before they can get one.

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