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FreeSpace Helps You Keep Your Gmail Account In Check


Gmail is pretty generous with the amount of space they give you. If you have a free account, you get 10 gigabytes. When you upgrade to one of their plans, this limit is pushed up to 25 gigabytes. You’d have to be the type who archives everything in order to reach the limit, because it seems highly unlikely that you ever will. But hey, it could happen–and if you think you’re bordering on full email capacity, then you need FreeSpace.

It’s a nifty service that backs up your user data for online services and web apps and helps you manage your email storage space. Since Google pretty much restricts you from sending or receiving any more mail when you’ve reached the storage limits, FreeSpace will warn you about it before you reach the cap. It’s incredibly useful, especially for businesses who have employees that need some help with storage management.

VIA [ Laughing Squid ]