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Mounting A Smartphone Onto A Tripod Doesn’t Get Much Easier Than This

Mounting A Smartphone Onto A Tripod Doesn’t Get Much Easier Than This


The camera on many of today’s phones is decent enough that some people feel the need to prop them up on a tripod and use them as semi-serious video/photography tools. There is, obviously, no tripod mount on phones, so the marketplace is dotted with an array of devices meant to remedy this. By far the simplest we’ve seen is the JackPod pictured above. One side screws on to a standard tripod, the other simply plugs into the audio jack present in pretty much any phone out there. Depending on the model of mobile you’ve got however, this may cause orientation issues, as would be the case with any iPhone before the 5. Still, if you have $10 to spare and the device you own has its jack in a place that doesn’t force it upside down when shooting, then head on over to the Kickstarter link for a pledge. If all goes well, it’ll ship by May.

Incidentally… maybe one of our readers can set us straight. If you take a video with, say, an iPhone 4 upside down, and try to play it back on a PC, will the video right itself up? Does the accelerometer in the iPhone orient videos, and does it work on PCs, or just Macs?

In any case, head on over after the break for a couple more pictures and links.



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