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Hand-Woven Room Dividers: Now You Can See Through Walls–Well, Sort Of

Hand-Woven Room Dividers: Now You Can See Through Walls–Well, Sort Of

Hand Woven Walls

When you think of walls, you think of concrete or wood-paneled structures that divide a certain space into different rooms. I guess you could say that those are walls of the conventional kind, because there’s a different kind on the rise, although I wouldn’t go so far to say that they’re “new”, given that, well, they’re not.

These hand-woven walls by Dutch designer Wies Preijde are walls in every sense of the word–except for the solid part.

Hand Woven Walls1

Wies’s walls are hand-woven from fiber, featuring patterns and designs that will give your apartment or any room in your house, actually, some new perspective. Sometimes, people are just born with the talent to come up with this kind of stuff.

Wies Walls

Put together, the woven walls give off a 3D effect when you view it as a whole. The combination of lines, patterns, and colors on the walls will give people walking along the passageways the impression that they’re walking through a transparent home, which they almost are.

Wies’s walls also give off an ethereal sort of vibe. Just imagine the effect if you choose to install these walls in a bright room that gets a lot of natural light through the windows–it would truly be a divine sight to behold. Wouldn’t you agree?

VIA [ Pop Up City ]