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Enterprising Driver Attempts Spectacular Vehicle-ception, Is Foiled By Spoilsport Traffic Cop


The above picture is that of a truck driven by a Polish driver, carrying another truck, in turn carrying a smaller truck, on top of which is stacked a car. It’s a beautiful example of human ingenuity, and would have become a very efficient delivery operation had it not been forcefully aborted by a German cop who decided to actually stick to road regulations. Regulations are suggestions, everyone knows that! We’re a little disappointed at the outcome, but impressed by the attempt:

On the road, the officers stopped the breakdown field daredevil transport (on the way to Belgium). On the Iveco car carrier (1) there was a large truck (2, on the deck again, a smaller VW MAN truck (3 And on the deck one Mercedes (4)!

Police spokesman Acor Kniely: “This tower contradicted all road traffic legislation. Especially as he to make matters worse the trailer still wanted to charge another truck! “

VIA [ BoingBoing ]

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    Ok, this is confusing. What regualtions did he break? Was the combination too heavy, to tall, too wide, couldn’t maintain speed on the highway? Is there a limit of a three vehicle stack in the Bundesrepublik? And could you translate “the trailer still wanted to charge another truck! “ into the sort of English we speak in the US?