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DIY: Chicken N’ Waffles On A Stick

DIY: Chicken N’ Waffles On A Stick


Chicken and waffles are as American a dish as apple pie. Eating stuff on a stick? We’re not sure if that’s an “American thing” as well (we doubt it; other parts of the world love kebabs for instance), but we do know you Yanks enjoy corn dogs and such. So why not combine the convenience of skewered food with the deliciousness of Chicken N’ Waffles? The Instructables link below give you a step by step on making your own, but it’s pretty simple. It involves first impaling some friend chicken, then wrapping it in batter and sticking in into a corn dog maker.

Suggested dipping sauce? Jalapeño vanilla breakfast syrup. Yes, this exists.

[ Chicken N’ Waffles On A Stick ] VIA [ NeatoRama ]