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The Story Of The Stormtropper Carbon Fiber Helmet

The Story Of The Stormtropper Carbon Fiber Helmet

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Back in 2011, Leonard Carson, an engineering technician for San Diego Composites, decided he wanted to make a Stormtrooper outfit out of carbon fiber. Seeing as his company had the materials needed, he convinced three of his co-workers to embark on the project with him. With the blessings of the company’s president, they finally created some decidedly eye-catching outfits which went viral when initially revealed online. Fast forward a year. A company called CarbonFiberGear managed to acquire a helmet from one of the four engineers, and they went on Pawn Stars to see if they could sell it. Pawn Stars being what it is, they walked away from the offer. They didn’t want to hold on to it though, so up on their website it went, and they did finally manage to sell it, for $3,500.

So that means that you can’t buy it. The three other helmets still belong to the guys who made them, and are not for sale. Maybe the person who bought it will put it back on the market, maybe not. Meanwhile, you can look at pretty pictures. A bunch more after the jump.


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