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For Your Soles Only: Weird and Wacky Shoes That Might Just Make You Break a Leg or Two

For Your Soles Only: Weird and Wacky Shoes That Might Just Make You Break a Leg or Two

High Heels

It’s no secret that women often put their comfort on the line, all in the name of fashion. Whether it’s sporting too-heavy headpieces or wearing sky-high platforms, there’s little that fashion obsessed women won’t do if it means getting a leg up on their equally trend-hungry peers.

For years, doctors have been warning women about the dangers of high heels on their ligaments–and, for years, women have been ignoring them. Designers are coming up with kookier designs by the season, and we’re showcasing a bunch of the weirdest and wackiest shoes that look like they might just make the wearer break a leg or two. If you thought the Mojito shoe was the height of shoe insanity, then think again, because there’s more.

The Chewing Gum

Gum Heels

It happens to everyone at one point of their lives. They’re wearing their favorite pair of sneakers, only to notice that their pace is getting more and more laborious, stopping only to realize that there’s some gum stuck to the soles. Capturing this phenomena and immortalizing it into a shoe is Kobi Levi, and he has not-so-cleverly called his design the ‘Chewing Gum.’

Featuring a bootie with a sneaker design, the heel is colored in gradients of pink to show off it’s ‘gummy-ness.’ The Chewing Gum is available for purchase for a whopping $2,240.

The Gypsie Shoe

Gypsy Pump

Dolce Vita’s designers must’ve had a hard time deciding what type of shoe to design next, because they attempted to cram at least four different styles into the Gypsie shoe: flip flops, Mary Janes, pumps, along with an inverted platform. Seriously though, it looks like a real piece of work, and it’ll probably require just as much work to walk a mile in these shoes.

Believe it or not, the Gypsie is real and you can actually buy them to make your life a little harder (and a wee bit more fashionable.) They’re priced at $114, which is pretty steep, but what else can you expect from DV? If your style is tamer and, shall I say, more mainstream, wedge booties that are plain–but that are definitely not just for plain Janes–might be more your type.

Nintendo Gameboy Platform Shoes

Gameboy Wedge

I think the picture says it all. If, for some reason, you can’t put your Gameboy in your bag but prefer to stow it away in a slot on your platforms, then these shoes will let you do so. These aren’t called platforms for nothing; heck, I’d consider you lucky if you can actually walk in these shoes and grab (or tuck in) your Gameboy whenever you want to, without falling over.

These Nintendo Gameboy Platform Shoes was a concept design by Helen Red Richards and was created as part of a museum exhibit.

Real Life Dove Shoes

Dove Shoes

The “real life” part of the name is an accurate description, because the doves you see attached on the high-heeled shoes above are real. They’re obviously already dead, but they’ve been unceremoniously taxidermied so humans with an odd sense of fashion can walk around, parading their stiff little feathered bodies wrapped around their ankles.

I kid you not. These shoes were created by German designer Iris Shieferstein, and she doesn’t stop at doves. If you check out her portfolio, you’ll see that she’s also created shoes inspired by horse hooves.