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Variable Gravity Soccer Training Apparatus

Variable Gravity Soccer Training Apparatus


We’re not going to enter into a commentary on soccer and its viability as a serious sport in the USA. Suffice it to say, a good chunk of the world loves it and that’s enough to make the Zero Gravity Soccer First Touch system you see pictured above relevant. Having fast and agile feet is essential to becoming a good soccer player, and that’s not learnt overnight. The Zero Gravity system grabs the ball on one end, and lets you adjust the counterweights on the other end, slowing the movement of the ball considerably. Less counterwight, faster ball, and vice versa. The device can be placed at different heights, which means you can practice bouncing it not just on your feet, but also on your head, or your knees.

Clearly aimed at young players, we think that even novice adults could benefit from it. But you’ll have to pay $139 for the privilege of owning it.


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