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Table Created Entirely Of Dried Out French Bread

Table Created Entirely Of Dried Out French Bread


In an attempt to get a discussion about food waste going, Polish design firm Studio Gyalik created the table you see above. They were inspired by the Vienna case study, where food thrown away in the Austrian capital could feed half of the population of Graz. Using nothing but dried out loaves of French bread, the table is supposed to make you feel bad about wasting food. Or something. We’re scant on details, and we don’t typically understand art anyway. All we know is we’re looking at a table made from bread and we’re getting kind of hungry.

The creation is art of an exhibition called “‘the food project. the shape of taste’ curated by beppe finessi at the MaRT/ museo di arte moderna e contemporanea di trento e rovereto. The show presents the art of industrial projects and experimental design applied to food. Open to public from february 9 to june 2, 2013.”

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[ TheFoodProject ] VIA [ DesignBoom ]

  • Richard Sebastian


  • Matthew Walton

    Personally, this just makes me want a vat of olive oil with lots of cracked pepper.

  • brianadams

    Now we make furniture out of food we waste and others just want some food, seems wrong.

  • A Designer Spot

    quite the opposite, dried bread will be wasted regardless since it only has a shelf life of about a day anyways, why not make something practical and creative out of the leftovers, as opposed to throwing them out and creating more WASTE

  • Joseph Barnett

    Seems like a ‘crummy’ idea!