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A Match Made In Heaven: Toilet Paper Holder With iPad Stand


Possibly the nicest thing about modern technology is the way it’s changed the way we do #2. No longer do we have to sit on the throne reading the list of ingredients on a bottle of shampoo. Or even reading a book… like a peasant. We have our smartphones instead! Looking at pictures of cats on the Interwebs while pooping is what smart devices are for. So let’s just drop any pretense of class, and embrace the Pedestal Stand with iPad Holder as a natural and long overdue household accessory. Because come on, guys, who wants to put down their iPad in the middle of watching a cool video, just because it’s time to wipe? Huh?

It’s $45.

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  • Yugo Home

    This is really a good idea. Toilet paper holder with ipad holder.. amazing!