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If You Look Around, We’re Sure There’s Plenty Of Paper You Don’t Need: Shred It All With The Fellowes 73Ci #FellowesInc

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Fellowes. All opinions are 100% mine.


You may not realize it, but now that the transition to a digital office is firmly entrenched, there's a massive amount of paper left behind, which no longer serves much purpose.  It either stays there and takes up space, or you get rid of it.  And since some of it may contain sensitive data, a shredder is a pretty useful machine to own. We reviewed the Fellowes 79Ci almost one year ago and came away impressed. Well, the company is asking us to take a look at the Fellowes 73Ci, and it's got a lot of the same features, which is a good thing.  Not all is the same however, like the capacitive touchscreen interface, which makes operating the device a little easier.  Still, many of these features are worth taking a closer look.

Here's a rundown: 

  • The 100% Jam Proof technology, for example, makes sure that you can't feed too much paper into it, and if it does get stuck on something too tough for it, it'll back it out instead of jamming.  
  • SafeSense technology immediately stops shredding if fingers come into contact with the paper opening.  This is very good if you have small children in the house.
  • A proprietary Energy Saving System that continuously optimizes the amount of power consumed as it's doing its work.  Shredding paper is important, but there's no reason for your energy bill to sky rocket because of it.
  • Cross-Cut Technology is the heart of the system, which destroys a single piece of paper into 397 particles, making it nearly impossible to piece back together.

It's a pretty heavy duty machine, and it'll be able to power through all that dead tree you've backed up over the years, before the PC made it all obsolete.  The new 73Ci will be available starting this month in superstores at an MSRP of $199.99.  If you get one, which feature interests you most?

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