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Shark Sushi Plate: Eat Your Fish From the Jaws of a Great White

Shark Sushi Plate

Cat got your tongue? Shark’s got your fish? I guess you could say yes to both if you shy away from speaking in public and happen to be eating your sushi on the Shark Sushi Plate. These unusual but cool plates are handmade from clay by Avigayil of Avi Ceramics. You’d think that she was a professional sculptor or something from the looks of her work, but she’s actually a full-time biology student with a hobby of doing ceramics on the side.

The rectangular plate looks just like any other, except that it’s got a great white shark breaking out of the surface of the plate off to one side. You can stuff some sushi into it or use the shark’s gaping jaw as a sauce bowl of sorts, if you prefer.

The Shark Sushi Plate is priced at $70 and can be purchased from Avigayil. Just follow the instructions on her DeviantArt page.

VIA [ LikeCool ]