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Carrier Pigeons Make a Comeback, But Pigeon Post Only Lets You Send Mail the Regular Way

Pigeon Post

Remember the days when the air smelled fresher, the earth was greener, and people sent their mail using homing pigeons? Those days are long gone, but an organization called the Letter Writers Alliance is working to bring back carrier pigeons to encourage people to start corresponding via post again. But don’t expect actual pigeons to make a comeback, because they’re going at it in the most unusual way possible: plastic carrier pigeons.

The LWA is selling Pigeon Post kits that contain everything you need to get started on your correspondence: one plastic pigeon, three message forms, three mailing label pouches, and instructions on how to get started. It also comes with postage for one mailing, so you essentially have everything you need to get started with LWA’s kit.

Pigeon Post1

You can send the plastic pigeons without having to put it in a box, as LWA explains: “It violates no postal regulations. The pigeon is not hazardous, fragile, or perishable. It weighs under 13oz., so it is legal to place into a post box. Just because it isn’t a rectangle doesn’t mean it can’t be mailed.”

Pigeon Post is a fun way to send and receive messages, and I’m sure both parties will have a lot to laugh and talk about with this bird flying back between them. Each kit retails for $30.

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